Staff Directory


Gwynne Darden
Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning
John Ayoob
Project Coordinator
Maurice Blount
Senior Project Manager
Tom Breedlove
Landscape Architect
Zachary Brissett
Contract Specialist
Chuck Cartwright
Project Architect
Krista Coleman-Silvers
Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration & Director of Space Management
Charles Cowart
Resident Engineer Inspector
Laura Elder
Manager of OUA Budgets & Capital Expenditures
Melanie Ford
Director of Construction
Greg Gotsch
Spatial Systems Technician
Thor Hahn
Project Manager
Linda Henneman
Project Architect
Michael Kajder
Head Civil Engineer
Ben Liverman
Project Manager (OUA) & Space Management Coordinator (OSM)
Lara Mathes
Director of Campus Planning
Ashley Maxwell
Administrative Associate II
Ray McDonald
Resident Engineer Inspector
Scott Messer
Director of Historic Preservation
Jessica Owens
Project Manager Interior Design
Christine Perkins
GIS Program Coordinator
Dane Richards
Director of Capital Engineering & Infrastructure
Derek Schuber
Project Manager
Scott Simpson
Project Manager
Arzu Yilmaz
Senior Project Manager


Katelyn Anders
Interiors Intern
Abbey Branch
Space Management Intern
Caroline Dickey
Stelios Kalopedis
Planning Intern
Jacqueline Kolowich
Interiors Intern
Carmen Kuan
Planning Intern
Jessica Murray
Interiors Intern
Devyn Quick
Planning Intern
Erika Schroeder
Historic Preservation Intern