The design and construction or renovation of a facility for the University of Georgia (UGA) is a complex endeavor. Design Professionals and Contractors that work with UGA for the first time often find it challenging to navigate the system and to understand all of the requirements and nuances related to construction on a UGA campus.

The UGA Design & Construction Supplement General Requirement & Standards (Standards) document has been compiled to provide one location and resource for UGA Standards.  The Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning (OUA) and the Facilities Management Division (FMD) are the two main UGA departments that administer construction related projects.  Other departments with critical roles in the execution of projects include Enterprise Information Technology Services, Environmental Safety Division, University Housing, and Real Estate and Space Management.  The design, construction, and renovation requirements for all of these departments are included in the Standards. Since the OUA interfaces with all of these departments and is responsible for the major construction and renovation projects, the OUA leads the coordination and maintenance of the Standards.

The first section, Supplemental General Requirements is focuses on procedural requirements and includes information on Building Information Modeling (BIM).  The next section discusses and illustrates planning and design principles. This is followed by design and construction information which is organized around specification section numbers.   The content in the Standards are not full specifications but contain pertinent information related to both design and construction that shall be included in the Project.

This is not a stand-alone document and procedure manual.  All of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (BOR) requirements remain applicable. The purpose of this Standards is to document specific requirements to UGA campuses and this information supplements the BOR requirements.

All Design Professionals and Contractors that contract on behalf of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia with UGA are required to be in conformance with the Standards. As the Standards is updated there will be multiple dated versions of the Standards and all versions will be archived on this website.

The method for incorporating the Standards, by reference, is through the UGA Design & Construction Special Conditions.  This is a document that is edited and completed per specific project. Depending on the project delivery method, the UGA Design & Construction Special Conditions will be issued to the Design Professional and Contractor either during the Request for Qualifications / Proposal selection process (usually to the finalists at the site visits). For Design-Bid-Build projects, the UGA Design & Construction Special Conditions for Design-Bid-Build.doc will be issued as part of the project manual. The following is the UGA Design & Construction Special Conditions sample template for Construction Manager at Risk and Design/Build projects: UGA Design & Construction Special Conditions.docx

As each project is unique, not every requirement in the Standards is appropriate for every project. For situations when the Design Professional and / or Contractor do not feel adherence to the Standards is appropriate, a request for a variance can be submitted to the Project Manager.

The Standards will continue to develop over time and input is always welcome.  Please forward any comments to

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Full Standards: May 1, 2023

UGA Design and Construction Supplemental General Requirements & Standards - May 01, 2023 (.pdf)

Changes since July 2022 version (.pdf)

Design Standards

Table of Contents (.pdf)

Introduction (.pdf)

Supplemental General Requirements (.pdf)

Division 00 - (.pdf)

Division 00 - Supplementary Downloads

Division 00 - BIM Execution Plan (.doc)

00 00 05 Variance Requirement and Form (.pdf)

00 31 31.14 Seismic Investigations Information (.pdf)

UGA Central Campus Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis - 2020 (.pdf)

UGA Central Campus Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis - 2014 (.pdf) 

Division 01 - General Requirements (.pdf)

Division 01 - Supplementary Downloads

01 41 26.03 Fire Safety Plans Transmittal Form (.doc) 

01 58 13 - Temporary Project Signage (.pdf)

Template with image

Template without image

01 77 00 Project Closeout

Division 02 - Existing Conditions (.pdf)

Architectural Campus Planning Principles (.pdf)

Site Campus Planning Principles (.pdf)

Division 03 – Concrete (.pdf)

Division 04 – Masonry (.pdf)

Division 05 – Metals (.pdf)

Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, & Composites (.pdf)

Division 07 – Thermal & Moisture Protection (.pdf)

Division 08 – Openings (.pdf)

Division 09 – Finishes (.pdf)

Division 10 – Specialties (.pdf)

Division 11 – Equipment (.pdf)

Division 12 – Furnishings (.pdf)

Division 13 – Special Construction (.pdf)

Division 14 – Conveying Equipment (.pdf)

Divisions 15 - 20 (Not used)

Division 21 – Fire Suppression (.pdf)

Division 22 – Plumbing (.pdf)

Division 23 – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (.pdf)

Division 23 - Supplementary Downloads

23 09 23 BAS Standard Diagrams (.pdf)

Summary of Changes Since Previous Version of BAS Standard Diagrams

Divisions 24 and 25 (Not used)

Division 26 – Electrical (.pdf)

Division 27 – Communications (.pdf)

Division 27 - Supplementary Downloads

Division 27 – Communications – Touchpanel example GDL file (

Division 28 – Electronic Safety & Security (.pdf)

Divisions 29 and 30 (Not used)

Division 31 – Earthwork (.pdf)

Division 32 – Exterior Improvements (.pdf)

Division 33 – Utilities (.pdf)

Division 48 - Solar Energy Electrical Power (.pdf) 

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