Staff Awards & Achievements

North Campus

Over the past several years, OUA has received numerous awards and recognitions. Some of these awards include:

Science Learning Center, CMAA Honor Award for Public Building New Construction (under $50M category), Arzu Yilmaz, Scott Simpson, Melanie Ford 2017.

Pound Hall, Georgia Trust Award For Excellence in Rehabilitation, Krista Coleman-Silvers, 2017.

Melanie Ford was selected to participate in the Women's Staff Leadership Institute, 2017.

OUA employees have been selected and participated in the Finance & Adminstration Leadership Institute each year: Melanie Ford & Clayton Wilcox (2012-2013), Scott Messer & Lara Mathes (2013-2014), Arzu Yilmaz & Scott Simpson (2014-1015), and Tom Breedlove & Ben Liverman (2015-2016), Derek Schuber and Chuck Cartwright (2016-2017).

Arzu Yilmaz & Scott Simpson, University System of Georgia, Innovation Award: Programming Design & Technology, Science Learning Center 2016

Scott Messer, University System of Georgia, Sustainability Award: Historic Preservation, Carnegie Library, 2016

Veterinary Medicine Learning Center, Community/Academic/Teaching Hospital Award, International Interior Design Association (IIDA), 2016

Correll Hall, Philip Trammell Shutze Award, Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, 2016

Carnegie Library, Outstanding Rehabilitation Award, Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation, 2016

Bolton Dining Commons, Honorable Mention for Outstanding Design, Education Design, 2015

Jackson Street Building, Excellence in Sustainable Rehabilitation Award, The Georgia Trust, 2015

UGA Structural Testing Laboratory, 2015 Georgia Chapter ACI Awards, First Place for Design in Special Projects Category, 2015

Krista Coleman-Silvers, Associated General Contractors of Georgia, Inc., 2014 AGC Build Georgia Awards, Merit Award for Health Sciences Campus Phase II, 2014

Brenda Elrod, Excellence in Design for New Construction: First Place - Bolton Dining Commons, Associciation of University Interior Designers, 2014

Thomas Church Courtyard at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 2014 Preservation Award for Outstanding Restoration, Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation, Office of University Architects, 2014

Special Collections Library, 2014 Honorable Mention for Interior Design, The National ALA | IIDA Interior Design Awards, 2014

Office of University Architects, 2013 Outstanding Rehabilitation Award from the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation, for work on Memorial Hall, 2013

Gwynne Darden, Associated General Contractors of Georgia, Inc., 2012 AGC Build Georgia Awards, First Place for Butts-Mehre Expansion, 2011

Gwynne Darden, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., Georgia Chapter, 2012 Award of Merit for Butts-Mehre Expansion, 2011

Gwynne Darden, Award of Merit from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America -- Stegeman Coliseum Renovation, 2012

Gwynne Darden, AIA Georgia Honor Design Award -- Stegeman Coliseum Concourse Renovation, 2011

Joe Powell, Student Housing Business Innovator Award -- Best use of Green/Sustainable Construction & Development for Building 1516, 2011

Gwynne Darden, Engineering News-Record Award --  the Southeast's best Sports/ Entertainment project for Butts-Mehre Expansion, 2011

Gwynne Darden, ACHF Award for Outstanding Rehabilitation – Stegeman Coliseum, 2011

Scott Messer, ACHF Award for Outstanding Rehabilitation – New College, 2011

Scott Messer, Georgia Preservation Award from the Georgia Trust – New College, 2011

Derek Schuber, Finance and Administration Merit Award / Recipient of the Newcomer Award, 2011

W. Paul Cassilly, Finance and Administration Merit Award/ Finalist for the Tough Dawg Award, 2011

Joe Powell, Dwight O. Douglas Award for Outstanding Support and Service to the Department of University Housing from University of Georgia Housing, 2010

Scott Simpson / Kevin Kirsche, ACHF Outstanding Stewardship Award from the Sustainable Tree Trust, 2010

Krista Coleman-Silvers, ACHF Outstanding Rehabilitation Award – Interim Medical Partnership Building, 2010

Scott Messer, ACHF Outstanding Restoration Award – Fine Arts Theater, 2010

Gwynne Darden, Georgia American Concrete Institute, Honorable mention for the Vince Dooley Athletic Complex Plaza, 2009

Linda Henneman, Brick Award, awarded by the Georgia Chapter of American Institute of Architects for the Lamar Dodd School of Art, 2008

Scott Messer, ACHF Outstanding Restoration Award – Old College Renovation, 2008

Linda Henneman, Finance and Administration Merit Award / Tough Dawg Award Finalist, 2008

Scott Simpson / Kevin Kirsche, Stormwater Steward Award from Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities – UGA Performing Arts and Visual Arts Center, 2008

Scott Simpson, Outstanding Greenspace Design Grand Award from the Georgia Urban Forest Council – D.W. Brooks Mall, 2006

Scott Messer, ACHF Outstanding Restoration Award – Candler Hall, 2006

Scott Messer, Georgia Preservation Award from the Georgia Trust – Candler Hall, 2006

Scott Simpson and Danny Sniff, Award of Merit from the Association of University Architects – D. W. Brooks Drive, 2006

Randall Klebs, Tradeline Inc. Award for outstanding research buildings – Paul D. Coverdell Center, 2006

Scott Messer, The Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation Stewardship from the State Historic Preservation Division of Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 2006

Krista Coleman-Silvers, International Parking Award of Merit, awarded by the International Parking Association for Category III, East Campus Village Parking Deck, 2005

Scott Messer, The Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation Stewardship, 2005

Scott Messer, Outstanding Restoration, awarded by Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation for Phi Kappa Hall, 2005


  Finance & Administration Employee Spotlight - Clayton Wilcox


Scott Messer State Stewardship Award - The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) presented four of its five State Stewardship Awards - including the Governor's Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation - to University System of Georgia (USG)



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