Design & Construction

The mission of the University of Georgia is best stated in its motto, "to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things". The University has statewide responsibilities related to its designation as a land-grant and sea-grant University, and as the flagship institution of the University System of Georgia. In support of these goals, the Office of the University Architects is responsible for the orderly planning of the long-range physical development of the University of Georgia . This includes the main campus, the experiment stations located throughout the state, the research campuses on the Georgia coast, and other facilities and programs that fall under the administrative control of the University. Carrying out this mission requires close consultation with virtually every area of the University, including the Central Administration, Schools and Colleges, External Affairs, Athletic Association, VP for Research, Public Service & Outreach, Student Affairs, Auxiliary Services, University Housing, the Cooperative Extension Service, and other Units under the direction of the Senior VP for Finance and Administration.

Beyond serving as the liaison between the University and the Board of Regents Office of Facilities, this Office helps departments to evaluate and implement proposed projects. This includes assessing compatibility with the University's physical master plan, preparation of detailed project programs, facilitating site selection, selecting architects and engineers, coordinating preliminary and final plans, and administering construction.

The Office continuously conducts studies of the physical needs of the University. The Office coordinates the planning and construction of physical facilities to ensure that projects are consistent with physical master plan and that the aesthetic impact of all construction projects falls within the established guidelines. In addition, OUA is responsible for ensuring that construction documents are developed and construction activities are performed in accordance with Regents' and University standards and policies. The Office is also responsible for ensuring that State historic preservation guidelines are followed. In short, the mission of the Office of University Architects is to ensure that the physical development of UGA property supports the University's tripartite mission of Instruction, Research, and Public Service.