East Campus Residence Hall (Building 1516)

The East Campus Precinct, encompassing approximately 150 acres bounded by East Campus Road, the North Oconee River, and College Station Road, is the most diverse precinct on campus. A major recreation center, dining hall, residence halls, fraternities and academic research, instruction and office spaces all contribute to the its daily population. The Visitor’s Center, Georgia Museum of Arts, and Performing Arts Center also draw less familiar users to the precinct in a heavy rotation.

Sustainable Design Features: 
High-efficiency sinks, showers and toilets that allow a significant savings per year in water.
Treated gray water recycled from sinks and showers for use in toilets.
Low-emitting Volatile Organic Compounds in paint, carpet, coatings, sealants and adhesives that reduce contaminants effecting indoor air quality.
Double-paned, low-energy windows that help rooms maintain constant temperatures.
10% of the materials used to construct the residence hall are made of recycled content, and another 10% originated from within 500 miles of the construction site, reducing air pollutants created from transporting the materials from great distances.
The exterior of the building features a cool roof and concrete sidewalks which reflect light.
Drought resistant plants are used on site to reduce the amount of irrigation needed.
Runoff water is used to replenish underground water sources.