SOP 13: Mitigation

Avoiding, minimizing and mitigating are at the heart of the historic preservation planning and related environmental review.

When an adverse effect to historic properties cannot be avoided, the University, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Board of Regents (BOR) will identify possible measures to mitigate the adverse effect. The idea behind mitigation is to balance the loss (or diminishment) of the historic resource(s) through some public benefit.

Standard mitigation measures of photographic documentation for structures and excavation for archaeological sites often provide important new information. It is generally required that this information is made available to the public. Other mitigation measures include community outreach and/or education to help provide more public benefit.

When photographic documentation is agreed upon as a mitigation strategy for historic properties with state and local levels of significance, please use HPD’s Guidelines for Establishing a Photographic Permanent Archival Record (PAR).


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