HPMP Standard Operating Procedures

From the Preservation Approach section of the UGA Historic Preservation Master Plan, fourteen Standard Operating Procedures detail the key procedural elements of the university's historic preservation plan. These procedures guide planning, design, and management of university holdings to ensure consideration of historic resources. Please refer to the guide for How to Use the Impementation Matrix for additional information.

SOP 1:  Campus Preservation Officer
SOP 2:  Consultation and Reporting
SOP 3:  Recordation
SOP 4:  10-Year Reevaluation
SOP 5:  Excavation and Archaeology
SOP 6:  Historic Resource Studies
SOP 7:  Best Management Practices
SOP 8:  Campus Preservation Officer Consultation
SOP 9: State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Consultation
SOP 10: Determination of Eligibility
SOP 11: Assessment of Impact/ Effect
SOP 12: Demolition
SOP 13: Mitigation
SOP 14: Public Hearings

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