SOP 8: Campus Preservation Officer Consultation

Three options are presented herein for complying with the Standard Operating Procedures for treating historic resources. The first entails conformance with Best Management Practices (BMPs) for actions not anticipated to remove or alter historic materials or character-defining features. The other two involve consultation with the Campus Preservation Officer (CPO), or consultation with Georgia State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), contingent upon the proposed action and the category of the resource.

When BMPs are insufficient to address a proposed action to a historic resource due to the extent of the proposed treatment, or the category of the resource, consultation with the CPO will be required. The CPO will specifically be consulted as regards:

  • All environmental site assessments (including property acquisitions, sales, and transfers). These assessments may also require additional SHPO consultation;
  • Routine maintenance or corrective maintenance results in alterations to historic materials or character-defining features;
  • All minor/moderate rehabilitations and major/extensive rehabilitations.
  • Facility or campus master planning activities involving or adjacent to historic structures or landscapes;
  • All ground-disturbing activities and archaeological investigations and excavations;
  • All demolition/dispossession of all properties. Historic properties will also require SHPO review prior to BOR approval;
  • All planning and new construction activities involving federal funding, licensing, or permitting. Historic properties will also require SHPO Section 106 review.

Consultation will be initiated before critical scope and budget decisions are made.

When deemed necessary, the Campus Preservation Officer may seek formal or informal consultation from the State Historic Preservation Office (SOP 9)


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