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Historic preservation conserves and manages historic resources in both natural and human-made environments. But historic preservation comes with its own concerns in a university setting.

Classes at the Health Sciences Campus will begin in August, and the community is cordially invited to an open house celebration on Aug. 22. At this time, all facilities renovated as part of Phase I will be open and available for view. The Health Sciences Campus accommodates two primary occupants: the UGA College of Public Health and the Georgia Health Sciences University/UGA Medical Partnership.

The University of Georgia is going for gold as it renovates its old visual arts building on Jackson Street — gold LEED certification, that is.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia takes seriously its status as "Georgia's garden" and its role in complementing the teaching, research and service mission of the University of Georgia. So, when it came time to update the garden's master plan, it made sense to turn the process into a collaborative learning opportunity.


One of the University of Georgia’s iconic North Campus buildings is getting a facelift this summer.


The following information is provided as part of an effort to keep the community informed about the development of the UGA Health Sciences Campus, a significant addition to the University of Georgia. The Health Sciences Campus has been established on the site of the former Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) on Prince Avenue in Athens. The property was deeded to the University by the U.S. Department of Education in April 2011.

Seven minutes into class, Fran Teague stopped her own lecture mid-sentence when she saw a graduate student in the back row taking notes.

"Josh, you're going to have to take that pen and deep-six it," she said. "You can only have a pencil-we're in a rare books room."

With spring semester wrapping up, summer construction projects are gearing up across campus.

“In general, the summer is always a busy time [for construction],” said Clayton Wilcox, a business manager in the facilities planning office.

The University of Georgia is about to get a little bit greener. This spring, the Athens campus will enjoy not only the familiar beauty of renewed life and vegetation as the season unfolds, but also the implementation of renewable energy through the UGA Solar Demonstration Project.


The University of Georgia will spend nearly $27 million to replace aging Bolton Hall, borrowing most of the cost, but the debt won’t mean higher lunch prices for UGA students next year, officials say.


Plans to demolish Bolton Dining Commons and erect a 67,000 square foot building costing $26.7 million at the corner of Lumpkin and Baxter streets have been in the works since January, according to documents obtained by The Red & Black.