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Historic preservation conserves and manages historic resources in both natural and human-made environments. But historic preservation comes with its own concerns in a university setting.

University of Georgia President Michael Adams recognizes the Office of University Architects for their efforts in implenting the Campus Master Plan over the past 15 years.


Brenda Elrod, Assistant Director of Interiors

Brenda Elrod’s job at the Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning has more variety than she ever expected, but she relishes the challenges that come with working at a university campus and managing interiors that run the gamut from laboratories to theaters to recreation centers to classrooms.

Proposed site of the new UGA Business School

ATLANTA — The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents picked an Atlanta construction-management company to oversee the building of a $35-million classroom and office building for the University of Georgia’s business school.

Veterinary Horse

The state Board of Regents is set to add $16.4 million to the budget for construction of a new University of Georgia veterinary medicine teaching hospital when the board meets today and Wednesday in Atlanta.

ATLANTA — Purchase of the Iron Horse Farm on 660 acres in Oconee and Greene counties for the University of Georgia got the go-ahead Tuesday from the Board of Regents, which oversees the University System of Georgia.

ATLANTA — The Board of Regents is planning to put the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography under the management of the University of Georgia based 200 miles away in Athens.

Interior space design for the University of Georgia's (UGA) new facilities construction and major renovation projects involve all aspects of interior architecture: finishes; color and material specifications; and the selection of furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (FFE).

Find this article in October's College Planning & Management Magazine on pages 56 - 59.

“The UGA Solar Demonstration Project is a small step—but a significant one in the right direction,” says Kevin Kirsche, Director of Sustainability.

A committee of the state Board of Regents approved University of Georgia plans for more than $50 million in construction projects, including a $35 million building for UGA’s business school and a $12.8 million third renovation phase for the university’s new Health Sciences Campus in Normaltown.


The University of Georgia’s University Council may get a chance to weigh in against an administration plan to demolish Legion Pool.